• Quality Policy
    Roy Consultants is committed to providing its customers with advanced, effective and recognized technological skills, taking into account budgetary constraints, requirements and deadlines.

    To this end, Roy Consultants strives to provide quality engineering services, tailored to meet the needs and expectations of its clients. To achieve this, Roy Consultants advocates a quality management system focusing on continuous improvement of services and customer satisfaction.

  • Health and Safety Policy
    By this policy, Roy Consultants aims to identify measures to minimize risks to its employees’, visitors’ and clients’ health. To achieve this objective, this policy considers Roy Consultants’ responsibilities towards its employees, visitors and clients, and relies on the personal responsibility of each member included in one of these groups.

    Employer’s Responsibilities:

    • Implement reasonable measures to protect the health and safety of its employees, visitors and clients;
    • Ensure, for all workplaces under its responsibility, compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act of New Brunswick (or the Loi sur la santé et la sécurité du travail du Québec for the Paspébiac office) and its regulations in New Brunswick (or the regulations made under the Loi sur la santé et la sécurité du travail du Québec), or other occupational health and safety requirements;
    • Ensure that employees, visitors and clients comply with legislation and any other occupational health and safety requirements;
    • Ensure that facilities, tools, equipment and materials are maintained in good condition and present minimal risk to health and safety when used according to manufacturer’s instructions;
    • Bring to the attention of its employees, visitors and clients, known and predictable health and safety risks that their workplace represents;
    • Provide training and supervision necessary to protect the health and safety of employees;
    • Provide and maintain in good condition protective equipment required and make their use mandatory;
    • Collaborate with the joint health and safety committee for any aspect related to occupational health and safety.

    Employee’s, Visitor’s and Client’s Responsibilities:

    • Comply with legislation and health and safety guidelines established by Roy Consultants;
    • Take precautions to protect their own health and safety and that of other persons at the workplace;
    • Report to the employer any hazards in a workplace known to him or her;
    • Participate in the elimination of risks to health and safety in the workplace;
    • Wear or use required protective equipment;
    • Report any accident or other event having caused, as part of his or her work, an injury to himself/herself or to another person.

    Joint Health and Safety Committee’s Responsibilities:

    The joint health and safety committee is mandated to oversee the occupational health and safety general policy. Enforcement of laws and regulations and adherence to health and safety guidelines established by Roy Consultants are applicable to all employees without exception.

    • Ensure that occupational health and safety laws, regulations and guidelines are known, applied and enforced;
    • Participate in the identification and elimination of occupational health and safety risks;
    • Inform employees and the employer of existing or potential hazards in the workplace and the nature of the risks to their health and safety;
    • Serve as a communication center for all matters affecting occupational health and safety;
    • Participate in the development of occupational health and safety policies and programs and promote it to employees;
    • Receive and investigate complaints about employees’ occupational health and safety and make recommendations thereon to the employer;
    • Participate in surveys, studies and inspections pertaining to occupational health and safety.
  • Personal Information Management Policy
    General Statement; Customer: Our firm has a strong reputation for integrity, professionalism and concern for a job well done. In this sense, any information collected (through this site or by any other means) and which concerns you, of personal and/or confidential nature, is governed by a specific framework of our policy for the protection of personal and confidential information, to protect you.

    Our Commitment to You: Your personal and confidential information will be retained for specific purposes to enable us to provide our most professional and attentive services. No information deemed unnecessary and which is not useful in the delivery of services will be preserved and thus destroyed. Should the nature and extent of the use of the said collected information change, we are committed to asking for your consent regarding the new purpose of the collected information. Only authorized employees as part of our policy will have access to your information and for a specific purpose.

    Your Commitment to Us: You hereby agree that all information transmitted as part of mandates or through interaction on this Website are governed by our policy and you explicitly consent to our use of this information to serve you. We remind you that no mechanism provides maximum security framework and that, in particular regarding electronic communication of confidential information, inherent risks of data leaks are always possible.

    Types of Information Collected to Better Serve You: The following information may be collected as part of our mandate with our customers:

    • Addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses;
    • Proprietary information, technical processes;
    • Various information, surveys, data collection, designs;
    • Any other information that may be useful for project development.

    For what purposes do we use the information collected?

    • To establish and maintain our customer accounts;
    • To provide quality services to our customers based on schedules;
    • To fulfill your service requests;
    • To establish a business relationship with your entity;
    • For recognition of fees and debt collection.

    Who manages your personal and confidential information at Roy Consultants? If you would like to change some of the information transmitted, you have questions or want to file a complaint about the privacy of your information, please contact Paul Arseneau, CPA, CGA, Chief Financial Officer.