Ensuring the Continuity of Services, While Ensuring Health and Safety

The health, safety and well-being of our employees as well as business sustainability are our top priorities. Rest assured Roy Consultants is fervently committed, as any private SME, to try to minimize the negative impacts of COVID-19 on employees, loyal customers and the future of its business. During this time, Roy Consultants will continue to provide engineering services to both governmental agencies and communities; whether in the fields of services related to planning, management or implementation of infrastructure projects and crisis logistics. To do so, the firm’s employees will favour the following SOCIAL DISTANCING measures, while ensuring they maintain a close relation with clients and promptly fulfill the firm’s commitments.

  • Teleconferences and/or videoconferences will be favoured as alternatives to face-to-face meetings with clients and/or the parties involved in a project;
  • Masks will be mandatory in our offices’ common areas;
  • A physical distance of approximately two (2) metres will be maintained with others during personal interactions, if necessary;
  • Technological means will be used for the transfer of documents and/or information.

 We thank you for your support during these times of crisis.