Renovation of Edmundston Convention Center

Edmundston, NB

Roy Consultants managed and developed the aspects related to engineering for this major City of Edmundston renovation project. The project started in the winter of 2005 and was completed the following summer. Inspired by Soucy Ellis Architectes Ltée’s architectural design, the facility offers a layout suited for, notably, exhibits and conventions. The renovation of the Edmundston Convention Centre offers many benefits for the local business community as well as the cultural community, and represents a technical excellence achievement.

This project entailed the renovation of a two-story, 2500-square meter convention center located in downtown Edmundston. It included the construction of several new multifunctional conference rooms, new entrances, a mezzanine in the ballroom and the installation of skylights in the public space. Construction costs were in the order of 4.3-million dollars and the project was completed in one year.

Roy Consultants’ multidisciplinary expertise was solicited in the design of all phases related to the project’s engineering. This included, among others, structural steel, masonry, plumbing, ventilation, fire protection, lighting, heating, power and communications.