Runway 10-28 Rehabilitation

Bathurst Regional Airport, Bathurst, NB

Roy Consultants, in association with Pryde Schropp McComb Inc (PSMI), provided engineering services to the Bathurst Regional Airport Commission for the reconstruction of Runway 10-28. The total length of the runway was 1519 meters and 30 meters wide. The project consisted of the removal of existing asphalt concrete and granular materials down to subgrade, replacing the granular structure, laying new asphaltic concrete and painting. The project also included some adjustments to runway lighting. In order to meet the project schedule (restricted to 17 days), construction operations were performed on a 24-hour basis.

Engineering services included geotechnical study and recommendations, topographic and construction surveys, civil design, construction procurement, QA/QC testing, contract administration, full time inspection and contract closeout.