Water Supply, Treatment and Distribution Network Upgrade

Tracadie-Sheila, NB

The project consisted of a major upgrade to the water supply, treatment and distribution system in order to supply adequate fire flow and operating pressure to the industrial park, schools, the hospital and highly residential areas as well as installing water and sanitary sewer systems in the existing Robichaud Subdivision. The project included pump station upgrades, a new raw water transmission line to a new water treatment plant, a new elevated tank, demolition of an old gunite tank, a new water and sewer system for the Robichaud Subdivision, a transmission line for the industrial park and a pipe size increase on Centenaire Street.

Roy Consultants provided water system planning with WaterCAD hydraulic model to locate the water treatment plant and reservoir, treatment process evaluation and selection, design, plan and specification preparation, construction supervision and inspection, contract management and commissioning.